Capt Moon's got you covered.


Have no fear he's got the tackle and the gear.


Get ready for the fishing trip of a lifetime.


Grab the family and friends load up the kids


get to Port Aransas, Aransas Pass, or

Rockport Texas


In Port Aransas, Rockport, and Aransas Pass,


He sails the bay waters, a master of the cast.


With a lineage of fishers running

deep in the blood,


Captain Moon knows these waters

like nobody could.


From sunrise to sunset, he'll guide you with care,


Teaching tricks of the trade and stories to share.


Whether you're a novice or a seasoned pro,


Captain Moon's expertise will surely show.


He'll help you hook the big ones,

the ones that fight,


Creating memories that will feel just right.


Grab your friends and family, pack up your gear,


For a fishing adventure that's simply premier.


Under Captain Moon's guidance, success is near,


As he leads you to catches you'll cherish dear.


So are you ready to go fishing, my friend?


Captain Moon awaits, this adventure won't end.


In Port Aransas, Rockport, and Aransas Pass,


He'll make sure your fishing trip is an

absolute blast!